All revenue impacts in millions
Marginal Tax Rates Your choice
Lowest Rate $990
Second Rate $567
Third Rate $150
Fourth Rate $66
Highest rate $102
Tax Brackets Your choice
Second Bracket Threshold $1,277
Third Bracket Threshold $303
Fourth Bracket Threshold $69
Top Bracket Threshold $10
Basic Personal and Spousal Amounts Your choice
Basic Personal Amount $570
Spousal/Equivalent to Spousal Amount $53
Capital Gains Inclusion Rate Your choice
By 1 percentage point $138
GST Credit for a Family of Four Your choice
$50 change in adult benefit $670
$50 change in dependant benefit $42
$1,000 change in phase-out threshold $96
Corporate Income Taxes Your choice
General Corporate Rate $2,000
Small Business Rate $870
$100,000 Change in Small Business Income Limit $421
Tax Rate on Manufacturing and Processing Profits $350
Goods and Services Tax (GST) Your choice
By 0.25 percentage points $1,816
Canada Child Benefit Your choice
$50 change in annual per child benefit $309
$1,000 change in income thresholds for the phase-out rate $201
0.25 percentage points change in phase-out rate $419